Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Diary 06.30.10

Dear friends,

This is Emily. I am in Philadelphia. Just chillin', you know. Last weekend I was in NEW YORK CITY for RODEO DISCO NUMERO DOS that's why there have been a lack of updates. I would like to do a full and proper recap of my feelings for this weekend but I don't really have time because I have to go meet Laura with food so we can have a picnic in the park. Anyways, my general feelings are this: last year everything was very tall, especially the buildings and Marie-lyn Bernard. I sat outside Mason-Dixon the whole night. This year the buildings were still tall and so is Riese but I think I grew a little bit. The fact remains that I love everyone at Autostraddle with all my heart and soul. Maybe I will write more about it when the mood strikes.

Here's a picture.
Till next time weirdos!


riese said...

we miss you emily choo,
my how you've grown

i'll mail you magic sheet
on a tegan and sara hoodie esque time lapse schedule

saint modesto said...

riese: i'm so sorry i forgot magic sheet. it's not because she isn't important to me. perhaps it is best if i pick up magic sheet the next time i visit you (that might be fastest).