Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Hairline Receding

Jude Law

Steve Carell

Vince Vaughn

The (balding) ROCK
(ok i know this is computer animated but still. it's based on real life.)

I see your hairline receding, Wayne Rooney

Chris Martin

Bruce Willis

Kevin James
Jon Bon Jovi

Will Arnett

Nicolas Cage

Ryan Reynolds

Michael Vartan (of Alias fame)

Britney Spears

Seann William Scott

Matthew McConaughey

Bradley Cooper (who was also in Alias, just sayin')


Ari said...

I really appreciate that pun.

petite.sorbitol said...

You're one of the funniest people alive.

saint modesto said...

i really like that you guys appreciate my humour.

Gypsy James said...

Bl**dy hell, my GF used to date one of your "subjects" above...(Albeit back in the 80s) To say that it's been a bug-bear of mine for some years now doesn't come close, silly though that might be, and I know it is.

As a wind up we used to have a portrait of him in "the small room", it helped with my digestion if nothing else.

Clue: a very successful warbler.

Top blog though, keep up the good work.


Cindy Dy said...

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