Wednesday, May 26, 2010

if i lived in an alternate universe where there were no consequences to pulling the fire alarm when there is no fire

things i have done today:
wake up
eat breakfast (bagel with cream cheese butter)
post something on tumblr
email laura
water dazzler

this is dazzler

things i need to do today:
bike to pharmaprix
email james
read some harry potter
go to work
stop feeling sorry for myself

laura and i watched alias separately together last night because we are really dorky.

yesterday i was waiting in line at the student service center at concordia to hand in a piece of paper and i was standing next to a fire alarm. while looking at it i realized that if there was a fire i would have no idea how to pull the fire alarm. i couldn't see a pulley thing. it looked one block of red smoothness. then i wanted to touch it to see if i could find the handle. then i wanted to pull it to see if i could figure it out. even though i had this really weird desire to cause chaos this other rational part of my brain told me that pulling the fire alarm in order to determine if it actually worked was a really stupid idea. so i stood there staring at it instead.

evidence that you were here:
a train ticket stub
the scent of the pillow where your head once lay
my sudden urges to do the dishes


Anonymous said...

why didn't you just share your screen and watch it together?

saint modesto said...

anonymous: 'cause we like to look at each other while we watch.