Monday, May 17, 2010

You're Beautiful, Why, Haven't You Heard?

[everlea - cigarettes]

I first discovered this band in the backseat of my hockey coach's car -- and before that starts to sound dirty I'll have you know his nephew is in the band and he was playing the cd for us. Back then they were Saucepan Heroes and their album Two Day Visit is still one I can't stop listening to. Now they're Everlea and they've only gotten better. I have no idea how you can buy any of their records except online maybe they're at HMV I should go check (I think there's something wrong with me where sometimes I just can't be bothered with punctuation?).

Um, anyways, I love this band. I want to kidnap Justin and steal his hair. Also listen to Night of the Creeps on their myspace it's really good.


Lerusha said...

I thought I'd give you some praise instead of always going of in a tangent...
I like music Mondays they give me an excuse for downloading a shit load of lots of stuffs.

Okay the praise over:
I had a music Monday I would choose:

Florence and the Machine- Cosmic Love

" I always be lost in the shadows of your heart"

Lesh said...

wow, that was me above. Talk about being baked and deciding that commenting on blogs would be a good idea...

saint modesto said...

lesh: i will be sure to check out that song!