Saturday, May 29, 2010

i miss you. i miss you in a magnetic way.

monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. repeat. repeat. repeat.

bang bang bang.

i woke up yesterday on the couch. i cried. i drank half my tea. i biked with no purpose, no direction. just kidding i didn't bike anywhere.

i miss you. i miss you in a magnetic way. as i am typing this, as you are reading this, i miss you. like this. in this way.


i have to write a blog post. ok so these are possible blog posts i could make
a) pictures i took in august/winter/last week
b) a poem about food/crying in the kitchen/pictures
c) i could talk about how much i like laura and want her to come back to montreal rightnow
d) i could talk about how much i like laura and want her to come back to montreal rightnow without actually talking about laura or montreal
e) i could continue to make pointless lists

perhaps i will write a blog post about silly bands. yes i will do that. here we go.


have you heard of silly bandz? silly bandz are rubber band thingies that come in different shapes. they are bracelets. some of them glow in the dark. you buy a pack of themed silly bandz. for example, i have a pack of "vehicle" silly bandz. my pack includes firetrucks, police cars, airplanes, tanks, and helicopters. mine glow in the dark.

apparently kidz are going wild for silly bandz. i know i am. laura bought me my vehicle pack. she looked for them for 2 and a half weeks because they were sold out everywhere. then we traded. now i have a cowboy boot and a cactus (she had a western pack). i gave katie a tank and something else i can't remember. i don't want to speak for her but i'm going to go out on a limb and say that she loves them very much and can't stop talking about them.

i keep reading articles that say silly bandz are for children but that is just stupid. people of all ages and all 23904982343 genders can enjoy them. i can't find my vehicle pack on the silly bandz website. maybe that means they're rare or fake. i don't think you can buy silly bandz in canada yet but clearly i am about to start a trend with this blog post. maybe silly bandz ships to canada. maybe laura will buy me a pack (hint: zoo or fantasy) and mail them. i need someone in montreal to trade with me.

i hope i have educated you about something important today.


Sarah said...

!!! Aaah. So. A friend just bought 21398232 packs of the knock-offs today from Super H. I'd never heard of them and didn't get the fuss over them, but now I'm wearing a red seahorse one because male seahorses carry the babies and I'm a sucker for queer things.

saint modesto said...

sarah: hahaha. that is amazing. i want some animal ones!

Lucia said...

I do not think that you can get silly bandz in my country either, but I now want some.