Monday, September 28, 2009

Love, Me, and Tegan & Sara: Whatever Will Be Will Be

[van morrison - have i told you lately]

things i need to tell people:


oops. can't do it.

i think this song is about god.


i couldn't just choose one today.

[monsters of folk - the sandman, the brakeman, and me]
-whatever will be, will be.


[tegan and sara - alligator]
(song starts at 3:30)

[tegan and sara - the ocean]

new from upcoming album sainthood.
preorder and get the book set on, in, at.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tumblr Saturday with Achtung Baby!

Hello! I'm not at home! I have no concept of time, I can't think of sentences ob la dee ob la da life goes on!

Anyways enough about nothing. Today is Tumblr Saturday and that means someone other than me is going to do this post. You might think that I get to take a break and just do nothing but THAT IS NOT TRUE I actually have to typetypetype things. So you better read and appreciate this.

Have you guys ever heard of Achtung Baby? WELL HE IS HERE TODAY TO BLOW YOU AWAY. Mr. Juan Luna lives in Texas, he's been blogging on Achtung Baby for 6 years which is really long and therefore he has a devoted fan base because he is awesome. I discovered Achtung Baby through Riese and haven't stopped checking it every day since. Juan is a fan of U2, Leonard Cohen, video games, and Vladimir Nabokov. I was on his blog once on purpose and once inadvertently to which I can't find the link for so wtvs it's fine, just go perusing. Also once I posted a Christie Dupree song which I got from Juan. ALSO once he posted a video of Fiona Apple singing Why Try to Change me Now which totes got me into Fiona. So yeah, if you love music and have good taste then you'll love Achtung Baby. Trust.

Also I'm gonna be doing the chat because Juan didn't send me one. It's fine because I don't know if anything will ever be as good as "WHAT DO YOU WANT I EAT EYEBALLS".

Again, if you want to be my next guest blogger then message me on facebook or send me an email or a text message or talk to me at school or on the internet wtvs.


"I like smart girls with short skirts"

[me too]

How we organize intern meetings:


Tirna: i only see me!
Vashti: RAWR
Lex: i can see tirna
Tirna: i feel weird
you're watching me



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Important Things You Need to Know: I Have Gone Crazy

Autostraddle had a redesign. If you don't check it out then I don't want to be your friend anymore.

As proof that my hands are not connected to my brain, I dropped my phone down 4 flights of stairs today. Sometimes I'm surprised I get my shoes on the right feet. I can't type.


Also today is Riese's birthday, she just turned 19, send her an email riese at autostraddle dot com. Coincidentally, Riese is the CEO of WHICH JUST HAD A HUGE REDESIGN JUST SAYING.

I'm so super moody lately, it's like I'm having a minor bipolar attack or something. I've probably been really inappropriate around like either "fuck you -- seriously." or "wanna make out?" or "uhnnnnnnnndsgffffffffffffjnjnl" is sometimes what I sound like.

Hey guys I heard Autostraddle redesigned their website.

Also, who has read Othello? I haven't but it's been discussed briefly in various classes of mine. One thing that stuck with me was this line; "I loved you not unwisely, but too much." And if you're scratching your head saying "what a fucking dumbass, that's not the line," YOU'RE RIGHT. The line is actually "I loved you not wisely, but too well." My brain has a hard time processing things so naturally I get things wrong a lot. But I kinda like what my brain came up with, mostly 'cause that's what I do; smother people with love until they hate me.

Anyways, enough about me, here, read a poem I wrote.

Wait, before you do that, press ctrl + left click on this.


I can’t bend to your will
‘cause I don’t have knees.
I’m just a hugging panda
hugging trees
but the trees don’t hug me.

The sun belongs to thieves.
I slept on a rug of leaves
one sunny Sunday afternoon.
I invented wooden spoons.
My shadow doesn’t fit the mould –
it stretches as the sun grows old.

She’s a winking panda bear
blinking here and there,
hiding everywhere.

I’ve seen her stare.

Now we’re two licking pandas licking trees.
The flames lick me.
I can’t run ‘cause I don’t have knees.
I’m stuck in the branches’ sway
licking paper, till we burn the paper away.

I’m a hugging panda hugging trees,
eating fallen leaves.
Now she’s leaving me.

I’m a hugging panda hugging trees.
Trees don’t have knees.
They stand up straight like me.

I’m a hugging panda hugging trees,
eating bamboo in the morning breeze.
Sleepy sleepy sunny day
Hugging trees till the trees decay
Licking paper till we burn the paper away.

I’m a hugging panda hugging trees
but the trees don’t hug me.




Hey, ever heard that Smashing Pumpkins song? Daydream? I have gone..crazy. Motherfucking crazy.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

"My Blog Post": Tumblr Saturday with Cult Classic Brooke Levin

Hey-o, friends! It's your friendly neighborhood blogger, Emily. Today is a special day. Today I have my very first guest blogger (except only sort of because she doesn't write much)!

Brooke Levin is the money manager/maker at Autostraddle. She is the subject of many hashtags such as #brookelevin, #brooke11 and #brookelevinamazing. She will RT (retweet) anything with #swineflu. Brooke Levin is also a cult classic. When asked if she pronounces it "ay-men" or "ah-men" she said "I don't like to be bound by my 'a''s". Brooke Levin does not want to know if you are underage and she does not condone "inappropriateness". Since 98% of the Autostraddle interns and maybe just the team in general are inappropriate she is often telling us "that is inappropriate". Once I posted something "inappropriate" and two seconds later she reprimanded me because she is on top of her shit. Brooke Levin opened my eyes to subjectlining, which is the act of writing a whole email in the subject line and leaving the body empty. She tweets, she tumbles, and it's also quite possible that Brooke Levin is Lady Gaga.

Oh yeah, did I mention we love her?

Anyways, Brooke is doing the rest of this post, which includes all the types of posts you can make on tumblr. From now on I'll be having someone else do this every Saturday, that's why it's called Tumblr Saturday, you can see the first one here. If you're interested in doing a Tumblr Saturday with me then let me know.
[note: I did not make that graphic, the amazing Alex Vega did.]

"Small change can often be found under seat cushions." - Lazarus Long, "Time Enough for Love" by Robert Heinlein


hi dear



"ok eminem it is

for two reasons
1. It's a great pump up song
and 2. Emily used to rap to Eminem when she was 12."


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Love How We Go On

I made a video. It's not for anything in particular I just felt like making one. It took me 4 hours. Also it's called "Time" only because I wanted to put a shot of clocks in, the rest has nothing to do with 'time' and everything to do with 'music', 'reading', and 'toy story'.

Other things we need to discuss: Autostraddle's Fall Music Preview is up and Crystal and I (but mostly Crystal) talk about albums we are really excited for. So go read that.

I think that's it. Obvs I am going to remember something as soon as I press 'publish post'. WTVR WATCH MY VIDEO.

The song is "Lion's Mane" by Iron & Wine.


Monday, September 14, 2009

That Kind of Hard Love is the Worst

[stars - tonight]

One of the first Stars songs I ever heard, I listened to Tonight but never listened to it. Only these past couple of months have I really discovered it as, I think, one of Stars' best songs (hard to say because they're all so fucking good..). I hope that when you listen to it you also feel beautiful and sad.

Telegraphs and birds that fly through air so still you hear me sigh...



Also! I'm on Achtung Baby!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 Reasons Why I'm Getting Up in the Morning

Sometimes it's really hard to get up in the morning, especially if you're tired 'cause you went to bed 3 hours ago. I hate mornings but I like to be positive about things, so these are 5 reasons why I get up in the morning. Besides seeing some people I might call "friends". They're pretty! Also I love love and want to be happy even when I'm tired. Being happy can be tiring though sometimes. But you know what? I wake up and think OMG maybe one of these 5 things will happen to me today! [actually number 1 tends to happen everyday or else I would never get up 'cause I'd be dead. Also number 2 is a 24/7 machine and if I didn't show up in the virtual office tinkerbell would attack me.]

Sidenote that has nothing to do with happiness: if you're on the left side of the escalator, and you're standing, I hate you. Move.

5. History with Albanese
Probably the main reason why I sit through an hour and a half of science is because history is next. I have a confession: I wanted Gesche Peters to be my favorite teacher forever, but Albanese is so good that I am involuntarily switching teams.

4. Time
I quit hockey and now I have so much time for everything! By that I mean I have time to do things I want to do and not things that other people want me to do. It's very refreshing. I feel like I might hand in some assignments on time this semester.

3. Three Things Supposedly Coming in the Mail for Me
OMG guys I won something in Autostraddle's summer scavenger hunt contest*!
Laneia is sending me a prize!

I ordered a 3 t-shirt special from 410BC! Three shirts for $25! Too bad the special is over! Ha ha!

Riese is sending me my film and T&S hoodie I left in her apartment and totes forgot about! SO EXCITING

2. Autostraddle
How do you seperate your real life friends from your online friends when your online friends become your real life friends? HELLO WEB 3.0. THIS IS THE FUTURE. I love everyone.

1. The Air Just Tastes So Damn Good
Cause it feels good to breathe freely.


*no fish were harmed in the taking of this photograph

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sarah Mclachlan is a Perfect Human Being

I never expected myself to like this kind of music, but when I was 15 I found Mirrorball lying around my house and it has seriously become one of my favorite albums ever. I think everyone is familiar with her song Angel, it's absolutely beautiful and makes me cry.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hey! It's Tumblr Saturday!

Vashti and I exchange tumblr emails daily because we're really cool and we like full inboxes. It's possible that I will make this a regular feature. It would be cool if I could do Tumblr Tuesday but I already have Music Monday and I hate posting two days in a row. So maybe a Tumblr Saturday.

Our tumblr emails consist of all the things you can post on tumblr: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, and video.


"reality continues to ruin my life" - calvin


Sara: Maybe a matching bracelet. Show her you're a baller. I hope that helps.
Tegan: ... Show her what?!
Sara: Show her you're a baller.
Tegan: What the fuck is a 'baller'?!
Sara: It's like nelly, it's like hip hop. It's mtv, we have to speak their language.

Lovers in Japan - Coldplay


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sometimes I Write Stories Because It's More Fun Than Facing Reality

Once there was a girl who sat at the bottom of a tree reading a book. She had short brown hair with blonde in it. It might have been blonde with brown in it. It's possible that this girl is someone you know. It's possible that you know this story because this might have happened to your planet.

It could have been smallearth. It could have been China, if China was its own planet.

The day the girl sat under a tree the planet began to blow away. Imagine Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It was kind of like that. People wore goggles to protect their eyes but soon it was useless, like people wearing masks to ward off the swine flu. Yeah, the swine flu got everyone there too.

The earth swirled and fell away and the planet got smaller and smaller. People fell off and disappeared, they just disappeared into nothingness and we don't know where they went. Do you ever get confused about space because it's so huge? What exactly is it? Where is cyberspace? Is that where you go when you die?

The girl remained at the bottom of the tree reading her book. Chaos ensued around her. The earth was steadily shrinking. Bits of it were falling away at an alarming rate. She kept reading. Go on, ask what she was reading. It was a book called "Across the Universe" by The Beatles an anonymous author. You can look it up but you won't find the book she was reading. She was reading a non-existant book.

The earth was being shaved off, as if God was filing his planet nails. Everything just fucking blew away, just gone, just like that. Soon there was only a tree attached to a clump of dirt and a girl reading a non-existant book on it. She finished reading and stepped off the planet.

What happens now? Everything I love is gone.