Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 Reasons Why I'm Getting Up in the Morning

Sometimes it's really hard to get up in the morning, especially if you're tired 'cause you went to bed 3 hours ago. I hate mornings but I like to be positive about things, so these are 5 reasons why I get up in the morning. Besides seeing some people I might call "friends". They're pretty! Also I love love and want to be happy even when I'm tired. Being happy can be tiring though sometimes. But you know what? I wake up and think OMG maybe one of these 5 things will happen to me today! [actually number 1 tends to happen everyday or else I would never get up 'cause I'd be dead. Also number 2 is a 24/7 machine and if I didn't show up in the virtual office tinkerbell would attack me.]

Sidenote that has nothing to do with happiness: if you're on the left side of the escalator, and you're standing, I hate you. Move.

5. History with Albanese
Probably the main reason why I sit through an hour and a half of science is because history is next. I have a confession: I wanted Gesche Peters to be my favorite teacher forever, but Albanese is so good that I am involuntarily switching teams.

4. Time
I quit hockey and now I have so much time for everything! By that I mean I have time to do things I want to do and not things that other people want me to do. It's very refreshing. I feel like I might hand in some assignments on time this semester.

3. Three Things Supposedly Coming in the Mail for Me
OMG guys I won something in Autostraddle's summer scavenger hunt contest*!
Laneia is sending me a prize!

I ordered a 3 t-shirt special from 410BC! Three shirts for $25! Too bad the special is over! Ha ha!

Riese is sending me my film and T&S hoodie I left in her apartment and totes forgot about! SO EXCITING

2. Autostraddle
How do you seperate your real life friends from your online friends when your online friends become your real life friends? HELLO WEB 3.0. THIS IS THE FUTURE. I love everyone.

1. The Air Just Tastes So Damn Good
Cause it feels good to breathe freely.


*no fish were harmed in the taking of this photograph


nina. said...

online friends becoming real life friends is one of my favorite things.

saint modesto said...

yes. totally. word. exactly. insert all forms of a positive answer here. yeah!

laura said...

this is the futureeeeee. and you are aliiiiiiiive.