Thursday, July 23, 2009

There Was a Terrible Storm and You Were Wearing All Our Coats

Ever since I got this iPhone that has a weather application I've been obsessively checking the weather reports not only in Montreal but also in New York, Vancouver, San Francisco, Barcelona, Sydney, Rome, London, Tokyo, and Paris. I have no idea if any of it is accurate (it's yahoo!...) but I like to compare everyone elses better weather to ours. Except for Tokyo, I think God's trying to smote them.

Just so we're clear, those are all little clouds with lightening bolts coming out of them. Tokyo has looked like that all summer, they have the worst weather ever. I feel like Yahoo is making it up. They also make up the Montreal weather because it always says rainy or cloudy but lately it's just been a million degrees.

Anyways, in comparison, Rome is a ball of fucking sunshine.

Do I need to explain the round yellow balls? I'd just like to point out that Barcelona, San Fran, and Vancouver look exactly the same. Montreal? Looks like this:

Rain and thundershowers, basically.

Also apparently the Philippines have been having bad weather too. According to Katrina Chicklet, who is there, "omg we've been having like fucking flooding every day. Flooding like seep into the car, waves crash against curbs flooding.

Flooding like children swim in it."

Another reason I've been checking the weather all the time is because if it rains (like legit rain, not drizzling) I don't have to go outside and work! I can stay in my chalet and read a book! And it also means that my boss probably won't go outside either, even if it's just to drive his truck.

And that's the weather report. I'm not sorry I'm really boring! Take that!


k.c. danger said...

my favorite part of this post is the large yellow duck on your top shelf.

kidding. my favorite part is myself.

double kidding! i liked this. i like evidence that you actually think about the world around you and then some.

laura said...

we had the same weather today. i don't understand how to appropriately use #smallearth. [i know you didn't say it here, but you talk about places in the world which is close.]

saint modesto said...

katrina: i don't know how to respond to this except to say that i loled. that large yellow duck could be related to you, chicklet.

laura: i think yahoo just makes up the weather because it was supposed to rain today and it didn't. i'm not entirely sure how to use #smallearth appropriately either even though i helped make it up. you just say it in place of "it's a small world" or it could also kind of be like #interrobang.

Lucia said...

The tuft of hair in the bottom photo could possssssibly be one side of an enormous moustache.

k.c. danger said...

1. lucia officially has the greatest mind in the world.

2. #smallearth works only in hashtagging, i think. or that's what it seems so far. like if you're talking about time or travel or you can access weather anywhere in the world just by looking at your phone, you'd say the sentence and then just go "smallearth." same goes for the second definition, probs. i'm workin' it out.