Monday, July 13, 2009

This is Where I Tell You: I Know Love's What I Need to Work At

Passion Pit are the next big thing, so I hope you're listening to them. If not, nows your chance 'cause they're my Music Monday pick.

Unrelated to Passion Pit, I have lots of feelings right now so expect some weird posts this week. Thankyoubye.

[passion pit - i've got your number]

better things are coming, i swear there's truth in that
[passion pit - better things]

why do i always need to need you when you're fleeing? where do you go when i'm around?
[passion pit - eyes as candles]


k.c. danger said...

there must be something going around, because it's a big week for feelings. it makes writing a little more fun though.

#passion pit!

Lucia said...

I will look into this Passion Pit!

saint modesto said...

kcdanger: number one feeling = too many feelings

lucia: yes. you will not regret it!