Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Made This For You

In order to relieve the boredom of Summer Two-Thousand-and-Ten I decided last Sunday to make a quilt that's not even really a quilt but actually just pieces of cloth sewn on to each other. To make this the longest project ever I didn't use a sewing machine and I decided to make a video of it. Lucky you! This video took up about 25 GB of harddrive and a billion hours to edit. Which is good I guess, since the point was to entertain myself for a long time and it worked. One of the downfalls of the video though is that it's really boring to watch someone sew things, even for like, 4 minutes. Remember last year when I made a video for no reason? This is kind of like that, except my hair is not as terrible/AWESOME.

Anyways, here's the finished product:

Before we talk about it, here's the video:

how to spend a sunday from Emily Choo on Vimeo.

Everything is made up of old clothes, thread, and a shoelace. And also a hat and cotton balls.

It took me 7 hours to sew that shit because I put individual windows on the blue and purple buildings. I wanted them to look like buildings but they kind of just look like blue and purple rectangles. The white thing with stripes is also a building that I couldn't be bothered to put windows on.

The yellow thing is not, in fact, a giant spider in the sky, but the sun! The green thing is not a volcano, but a tree! The black blob is not a poodle, it's a cat! The red thing is a sidewalk.

In 10 years when I'm really famous people will want to pay me for this decorated piece of cloth. Keep that in mind. That's about it.


laura said...

that's a nice shirt.

Tania said...

omg haha i love it. especially the tree

saint modesto said...

laura: oh thanks. it was free.

tania: the tree was hard to make!

Lesh said...

Question... What's the song? I like the lyrics somewhere along the lines... (stupid retard face)

saint modesto said...

the song is "i'm ready" by jack's mannequin.

Lesh said...

Do you listen to The Magic Numbers?