Monday, July 26, 2010

One Less Sad Robot Looking For A Chance To Be Something More Than Just Metal

[jack's mannequin - miss delaney]

this song reminds me of high school. it is my favourite jack's mannequin song ever. have you ever lay around your room singing this song really loudly? you should try it.

because i couldn't find a picture of a hipster eating peas in a kitchen with a white table and this song makes me think of that, you have to look at an avocado instead. which is fine because look how pretty it is.


andie. said...

this is perfect because, yes, i've laid around in my room singing that song real loud and also, i just opened an avocado. it does look pretty.

Anonymous said...

"and there are some things i'll never understand, why the country needs a god and a woman needs a man" i love jack's mannequin and all the high school it reminds me of

saint modesto said...

andie. we're clearly on the same wavelength.

anonymous: i do love him as well.