Saturday, July 10, 2010

i step in puddles and i don't care.

i step in puddles and i don't care
how wet my feet get.

i fell asleep at 9pm
while i was still at work.

no one notices the water in my shoes.

one time i whispered, "i want to go home,"
while already lying in bed.

"but you are home," was the response.
i knew, but she didn't

know how sincere i was.

i want to cry so badly that i laugh.
i want to sleep so badly that i lie awake all night.

i strain my ears and try to hear
but the suburbs are quiet all the time.

and when i open my eyes in the morning,
i see walls and not a window of blue sky.


Alessia P. said...

fuck what anyone says (liberal arts teachers included), you truly are a writer.

saint modesto said...

have people been saying things?


thanks, alessia. =]