Sunday, July 18, 2010

what's so easy in the evening in the morning's such a drag

is it weird now that i cry in the morning instead of at night? usually people cry at night because they feel lonely and alone but i've started crying in the morning when i see people getting up to do things and there is all sorts of organized chaos and i just want to sleep a little longer.

have you seen my plant recently? remember when it was this big

now it's this big

and you can see i have new things on my window sill. i have a fake watering can and some seashells. they were gifts and i think they make everything look prettier.

i don't miss anything, 'cause i never had it so good in my life. but i still cry in the morning, and sometimes at night 'cause my room is big and my things own me.

the mask i polish in the evening by the morning looks like shit.

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