Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In Which I Scan Random Things And Talk About How THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT!

On Friday I'll be on a long train ride to New York. On Saturday I'll be driving to DC to participate in the March on Washington which should be a fun new experience as I have never really held signs or shouted things with a real purpose before (such is the quiet, Canadian life). We here at the shoreline receding believe in equal rights for all human beings and illegal aliens (and in case you're wondering, we are also pro-choice and think that polygamy should be legal). Really, I just wanna marry kcdanger and move to NYC.

I'll be going with and if you are a reader then I hope to see you there, and if you're part of the team then I hope to tackle you in a giant panda hug.

It's unlikely that I'll be posting again until next Wednesday or Thursday because I'll be very busy trying to make the world a better place. You can make the world a better place too, go tell someone you love them and mean it.

Since I have nothing much else to say right now, here are some scans of shit I found on my desk and a picture of me which I'm sure you will love. Also I think scanned things look cool.


the price of a one way ticket from penn station to nanuet is $8.50. i never used this because i got lost. clearly nj transit is NOT the way to go.

does that say papaya? how we communicate at autostraddle

to-do list. only one thing crossed off. decided that cleaning my whole room was too ambitious and just went for the desk. did not even complete that. #fail.

notes for moxie fucking crimefighter post

another to-do list in which i fail epically at actually doing things.

brooke explains how business works.

now you know how much cuter i used to be.

the future is bright, my friends.
Have a good thanksgiving weekend!


Brooke Levin said...

LOLOL I just saw this!

I'm glad I could explain business so thoroughly and completely to you!

And where did this what's the weather like in Miami come from?!

saint modesto said...

Haha, either it's supply and demand or the 80/20 thing, which I was too drunk to understand.

I believe the weather thing was from when we sexually harassed Lily.