Monday, October 5, 2009

With All Your Lies, You're Still Very Loveable

[bon iver - for emma]

Thanks to Brendan for introducing me to Bon Iver.

Go find another lover.. to bring a, to string along.



Spend the time it takes to smoke two cigarettes in the company of someone and someone else. It's a good way to start if you don't ask questions and a bad way to begin if you're looking for answers. If you turn your head in the wrong direction you will see the wrong things. Now, if you ignore the small voice in your head that says "intervene" then you will be faced with silence and small defeat. Fractions of seconds inside someone else will do little to satisfy the cravings. Wait outside. Wait inside. Run down the stairs. Then, beaten from all the beatings you inflicted on yourself, take the crowded metro and stand in crowded areas while listening to the whistling of workers who whittle their way home.

For all love has escaped me so far, and I will spend lifetimes chasing it again.


At night, lying on warm rocks
I hear whipporwills answer
each other. Their timing is
sexual. I'm too stupid
to realize it's lonely, it's
an echo. I am in love
with the way I see the world.
But I am all alone there.
- Matthew Rohrer "Hone Quarry"

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