Monday, March 16, 2009

Music Monday: North of Somewhere

Okay, so I had this idea planned for music Monday and then my laptop wouldn't turn on and my life exploded into a pile of dust. Obviously I jinxed myself with my dumb rant about irrational fears. Next my house is going to be on fire.

Anyways, I'm going to post a Canadian mixtape for Katrina. I don't have my iTunes which makes things considerably harder (read: really fucking hard), but hopefully it's still pleasing to the ears. Actually I'm just going to post the song name and you can assemble it yourself. It's like a DIY mixtape! When I say DIY I mean DIY but you better put these in the same order 'cause that's how I made it and I'm an evil dictator. Also, I know I've done Canadian artists in the past so this is getting old and redundant but SCREW YOU ok thanks, love you guys. This is for Katrina, the south American redneck who is neither a feminist nor educated. [when I say south American I mean the southern United States]

1. Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead
I was worried it would be really hard to pick a Stars track for this, but looking over their songs, it was pretty easy to pick this song. For one, it was the first Stars song I ever heard and they mention the Champlain Bridge. A direct reference to something in Canada works well when making a Canadian mixtape. Secondly, this is perfect for an opening track.

2. Hot Hot Heat - Middle of Nowhere
This song is really endearing. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

3. The New Pornographers - Challengers
I usually pick Sing Me Spanish Techno for my mixtapes, but somehow Challengers felt more fitting here. "Whatever the mess you are, you're mine."

4.The Weakerthans - Plea From A Cat Named Virtute
This song makes me sad and I feel a personal attachment to Virtute the cat. That is why I feel even sadder when I listen to Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure. That being said, I love both these songs. It's the innocent loving part of me, like I think inanimate objects have feelings and I feel bad when I throw them out.

5. City and Colour - Casey's Song
Canada is proud of you, Dallas Green.

6.The Tragically Hip - Ahead by a Century
I know The Tragically Hip are a 90's band and the rest of these are mostly all 2000's, but they really are one of Canada's great bands.

7. Tegan and Sara - I Bet It Stung
Favorite band, ever. Hands down, totes. There's something very approachable about them. On almost all their songs I say "yeah, me too". I should also mention that Sara is my wife. I mean, we've never met, but when we do it's almost a sure thing.

8. Moneen - The Frightening Reality that the title of this song is too long.

"Who is she? Who are they? Who am I?"

9.Our Lady Peace - Life
I have a soft spot for OLP. "How many special people change?" All of them, fuckers. I'm not bitter. [edit March 22 '09: no one noticed that I quoted the wrong song? I'm gonna look back on this one day and laugh.]

10. Dragonette - Get Lucky
I liked this band before they were on the radio. This song makes me happy, it's hard to stop listening to it.

11. Wintersleep - Weighty Ghost
This song makes me want to write a song.

12. Tokyo Police Club - In a Cave
I'm kinda new to Tokyo Police Club, but I really dig this song. They have a weird name, like they should be from Europe or something.

13. Metric - Empty
Metric, one of Canada's great underground bands that have also made it in the United States. If you have more time, definitely give this band a look.

14. Broken Social Scene - Almost Crimes
I'm actually not the biggest fan of Broken Social Scene, but they are pretty popular and I really like this song. Also, as I was thinking of this I realized that Feist used to be in this band and I forgot to put her on this list. Epic fail on my part. I'll just add her in here.

Simple Plan
Avril Lavigne

Also, 10 points if anyone gets the reference in the title. 10 points = my love and affection = I call you names and put you down as a defense mechanism.

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