Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Have No Idea What To Title This Post As

Ok for reals now I'm not going to talk about nothing. Well, it's still going to be about nothing but it's not going to be vague wishy washy crap like some of my previous posts [I totally forgot how to spell previous there, I kept spelling it previeus preveus previus idiot moron stupid dumbass]. Speaking of dumbassery, I forgot my phone at school on Friday and had to go all the way back to get it. Then I ran out of money and had to wait like a hobo for someone to give me some, it was very sad.

Today I'm going to post some pictures. Blogger is going to greatly diminish the (so super high) quality so I'm also going to post them on flickr but no one cares because no one is reading this, obvs I'm just doing it to satisfy myself, sometimes I'm a perfectionist. Eat shit, blogger. JK, I don't mean that. I said this post was not going to be about nothing, that was a lie. Also I just realized that if you click on the pictures they get bigger and look nicer. But I still put them on flickr.

Art is what you can get away with

Alessia if you say you don't like this one I'm going to take it as a personal insult to my photography skills and I will react the same way as if you said you wanted to stab me with a butter knife. So you and blogger can eat shit. JK, love you!

"Come on, write me a song, give me something to trust. Just promise you won't let it be just the keys that you touch." - Jack's Mannequin

Take me by the hand and tell me you would take me anywhere.

the music i want is cheaper than therapy.
remember when...

in case you forgot how to comment I can help you out.

ps daylight saving time

"i think a lot of writers write because they want to talk to people just like everyone wants to talk to people
but they don't really know how."

Sometimes Riese is brilliant.

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k.c. danger said...

1. I had no idea you had a Flickr, so now I'm excited for new photos to explore.

2. I can't wait to actually be INSIDE your house to see all of this in person. Oh my god it's going to be so epic. We'll write songs about it ON THE SPOT.