Sunday, February 24, 2013

You Spend Your Days Dying Like A Rose In The Vase

[motorama - rose in the vase]

itunes has labeled motorama's latest album, calendar, as 'dream'... in a way that feels almost right, but also a bit wrong. motorama's sound is dreamy, but it's also gritty and haunting. it's a dream where you wake up feeling strange and a little bit lonely, though you can't remember what you were dreaming about.

this is my favourite song off of calendar. you can also download their 2010 album alps for free on their website along with some singles and past EPs.


also i think they have nice album art and this is possibly the first russian indie band i have ever heard? i think that's pretty cool.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

february, you're a piece of shit, always

february you're ruining my life what the hell do you think you're doing stop fucking snowing

forever and ever you're the worst month of the year i hate your guts and i hope you melt

Sunday, February 17, 2013

if i were on the titanic i would lose my brains

k. made me watch 'the titanic' last night til 1am --
what the shit is that movie even about
and why do i know half of the lines by heart?
of course afterwards i had to wikipedia 'the titanic'
and read the whole damn thing --

of particular interest are the rich and famous who died.

then k. and i had a debate about whether or not
it's better to drown or burn in a fire.
i said 'burning in a fire sounds more painful
but drowning causes panic and chaos
and if i were on the titanic i would lose my brains'.

she said 'i'd rather die of hypothermia'.

i said 'it's funny that 10 years after this movie,
james cameron staged his comeback with 'avatar',
another poorly-written huge piece of crap,
and then he lost 'best picture' to his ex-wife kathryn bigelow
who also became the first female to win 'best director' at the oscars'.

we both agreed we were never going on a cruise ship.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm Not Really Sure How True This Is

Sometimes I go through a phase where I don't write anything in my blog which is kind of happening right now. I think about writing in my blog a lot but then I can't think of anything to say. Don't worry though, here are some other things I haven't been keeping up with lately:

+ my budget (still haven't completed January yet)
+ my laundry
+ my journal
+ reading books

There is an explanation though and the explanation is that I have ADD. You think the above paragraph is short but it actually took me 11 minutes to write because I had to clean my nails in between every sentence. Is that gross? Sorry. It's my ADD.

I'm not entirely sure how accurate this "diagnosis" is because if I have ADD then probably everyone has ADD, but I am also of the opinion that everyone DOES have ADD and so do I, but because everyone has it then it's not actually a thing (except for people who actually have like real ADD) and therefore we should just start selling Adderall in pharmacies next to the Midol so that everyone can be super stimulated without period cramps and we'll be really productive and stop global debt, poverty, etc.

Oh no wait is that screwed up logic? Am I just talking out of my ass? Hmm. I'm bored.