Sunday, February 17, 2013

if i were on the titanic i would lose my brains

k. made me watch 'the titanic' last night til 1am --
what the shit is that movie even about
and why do i know half of the lines by heart?
of course afterwards i had to wikipedia 'the titanic'
and read the whole damn thing --

of particular interest are the rich and famous who died.

then k. and i had a debate about whether or not
it's better to drown or burn in a fire.
i said 'burning in a fire sounds more painful
but drowning causes panic and chaos
and if i were on the titanic i would lose my brains'.

she said 'i'd rather die of hypothermia'.

i said 'it's funny that 10 years after this movie,
james cameron staged his comeback with 'avatar',
another poorly-written huge piece of crap,
and then he lost 'best picture' to his ex-wife kathryn bigelow
who also became the first female to win 'best director' at the oscars'.

we both agreed we were never going on a cruise ship.

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