Monday, January 30, 2012


so peel peel peel back the layers to find the same thing. it took four years to grow backward, to say look i did the circuit and now i'm back, look

look, i climbed the mountain and it was just as lonely on the other side.

Monday, January 23, 2012

i guess you are afraid of what everyone is made of

[st. vincent - apocalypse song]

the vocals on this song are amazing. this song is amazing.

Friday, January 20, 2012

conversation, 2:39pm, wednesday

emily, did you write your paper?
of course not.
what have you been doing for the past 3 hours?
nothing. i made an internet purchase.
you have not moved from that chair for 3 hours.
i found the cat in the bathroom. lying next to the heater.
write your paper.
i can't.
why not.
i am defunct.
you are not.
yes i am.
this is stupid.
write your paper.
in a second.
how many cups of coffee have you had?
now you are feeling insane.
too much coffee.
drink more?
can't move?
no. defunct.
not defunct.
just dying. the cat has a cold i think.
maybe you should clean the apartment.
i can't.
why not?
i have to write a paper.
write your paper.
write my paper.
write it.
write write write.
write it!!!!!
typing now. type type type.

it's a cat! i'm a cat
cat cat cat
we're a cats
there's a cat in the house

Monday, January 16, 2012

world collision

i cut myself in half. i split myself in two and i said, "i can be whoever i want to be. and i can still be happy." i can make this part of me disappear, i can make this part of me appear. i can wear a new skin every day. i can be in love i can be out love. with a snap of my fingers i need you/i don't need you.

i am -
i am -

inside this room i wear these boots and i am in charge.
outside this room i am -

i am undone. where do you find people? how do other people

i am falling off the face of the earth i think. i have split myself in two and fallen right apart. i have torn myself open for nobody. i'll spill my guts for you, you don't even have to ask.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

some people i know, some things i've seen

click on them

san francisco


old friends, the best kind




Sunday, January 1, 2012

hi so this is the new year

hi i'm oscar here to bring you a very special message about life which i know a lot about despite only being 7-9 months old.

firstly i don't even know why i have to say this because everyone should know this by now but open bars are a bad idea. the number one rule of life is "don't be too drunk" and open bars result in a direct contradiction of this rule. alcohol is this very silly thing that makes people think it is a good idea to text their crush or jump on the subway tracks or get naked in public.

secondly emily is lying in bed like a dead person because she violated the number one rule of life and she lost her earrings. maybe she should do the dishes or put on some pants but she just can't. now she is suffering the consequences of her actions which i do not approve of because if you come home and have to shut the door so the cat can't get in your room because you don't want him to see you then you are probably doing something wrong.

thirdly emily's number one problem in 2011 which i know a lot about despite not being alive for the entire year was anxiety about other people. i think this is stupid because emily is a smart caring person who always feeds me on time the best that she can but for some strange reason she is overcome with crippling doubt/panic/anxiety that other people think she is something other than what she is. although she doesn't really know who she is so she is also often confused and convinced that maybe she should be who other people think she is or that maybe she is already that person and or that she is a person entirely created by other people's perceptions of herself and what is free will anyway? she's not sure she has to think about it more.


fourthly i been to a lot of places and seen a lot of things and i just have to say that i just don't understand people. i mean what are these portable telephone things that keep bringing drama into everyone's lives. here is a cat's advice: stop drinking (so much) and stop drunk texting. i like it better when people read books in bed instead of texting in bed because paper tastes better. i like to chew paper. also everyone thinks that looking a certain way is very important but it's not really. dogs are colour blind so they don't even know what you're wearing anyway.

in the end it doesn't matter who kissed who last night or that emily's eating processed cheese on a burnt bagel right now. she just wants what we all want: free delivery on new year's day. 2011 was a great year because i was born and 2012 will be even better because i will be there for all of it and there is so much opportunity for snacks. 2012 is the year of snacks.

thank you drive safe,

are there snacks out there