Friday, January 20, 2012

conversation, 2:39pm, wednesday

emily, did you write your paper?
of course not.
what have you been doing for the past 3 hours?
nothing. i made an internet purchase.
you have not moved from that chair for 3 hours.
i found the cat in the bathroom. lying next to the heater.
write your paper.
i can't.
why not.
i am defunct.
you are not.
yes i am.
this is stupid.
write your paper.
in a second.
how many cups of coffee have you had?
now you are feeling insane.
too much coffee.
drink more?
can't move?
no. defunct.
not defunct.
just dying. the cat has a cold i think.
maybe you should clean the apartment.
i can't.
why not?
i have to write a paper.
write your paper.
write my paper.
write it.
write write write.
write it!!!!!
typing now. type type type.

it's a cat! i'm a cat
cat cat cat
we're a cats
there's a cat in the house

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lia said...

I like this.