Monday, January 16, 2012

world collision

i cut myself in half. i split myself in two and i said, "i can be whoever i want to be. and i can still be happy." i can make this part of me disappear, i can make this part of me appear. i can wear a new skin every day. i can be in love i can be out love. with a snap of my fingers i need you/i don't need you.

i am -
i am -

inside this room i wear these boots and i am in charge.
outside this room i am -

i am undone. where do you find people? how do other people

i am falling off the face of the earth i think. i have split myself in two and fallen right apart. i have torn myself open for nobody. i'll spill my guts for you, you don't even have to ask.


CGR said...

It took a single person to make me question ALL OF THE FEELINGS that run through my veins, and then it takes you to remind me that I everyone feels this and that I can be alright. Thanks Emily.

Anonymous said...

this is particularly relevant to my life at the moment. division of self business, i am learning, usually doesn't go well.