Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Official Birthday Wishlist

+ a harmonica (~$10)
+ ankle socks
+ the shower tap to stop dripping
+ garbage bags (~$7)
+ tea (~$4-$15)
+ a haircut ($25)
+ a week's worth of groceries ($15)
+ moleskin with graph paper ($16)
+ measuring cups for dry ingredients
+ tickets to the stars concert in december (~$25?)
+ boyshorts from american eagle or american apparel (or you could just give me money so i can do this myself)
+ boots (~$30-$70) (dad?)
+ books are always appreciated. just to help you out, some books i am interested in reading are: "running with scissors" by augusten burroughs, anything by haruki murakami, some poetry by william carlos williams, anything by e.e cummings except for "erotic poems" because i already have that, anything by mary gaitskill except for "bad behaviour" because i already have that, anything by loorie moore, etc.

this list will likely be revised and reposted later in november. my birthday is the 27th. i will be old (er). drinks are always accepted.

before you buy me any of these incredibly useful things, i would appreciate it if you DONATED TO AUTOSTRADDLE.COM. and then if you feel like it, feel free to get me some groceries. if you're nice i will let you stay for dinner.


Anonymous said...

first tree next to tennis courts on mount royal and parc

ash said...
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ash said...

i am an autostraddle reader and would just like to say hey, that birthday rocks, it was jimi hendrix's and also bill nye's also m

ash said...


Nikki99 said...

So I got super excited about this. I want to see you asap to give you gift number one. You'll get one every week till your bday. This is exciting. My bday was meh so I want to make yours awesome. I'm more excited about your bday than mine.

diana said...

how are we supposed to give you presents if we dont live in canada? this is a serious inquiry. also, ae boyshorts>>>aa boyshorts.

Lucia said...


isabelle said...

how can we send you presents?

laura said...

my present is fragile and will be coming in january. that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch your mailbox, though.

saint modesto said...

IMPORTANT: if you are serious about sending me a present but don't live in montreal, please consider donating to autostraddle first. i'm really really serious about that, nothing would make me happier than if you gave some money to my favourite website.

if you would actually like to send me a present then you can email me [emily choo 19 at gmail dot com] and i'll send you my address. (for obvious reasons i don't want to post it here).

you guys are great. this post was mostly in jest. please don't feel pressure to buy me stuff.

Anonymous said...

your link to donate doesn't work. i'm sure most people could figure it out, but it might be worth fixing.

saint modesto said...

thanks, i should've realized paypal wouldn't let me link directly to an account. it's fixed now.