Thursday, March 4, 2010

money diary

in February i started a little project where i write down in a moleskin that cost me $3.3333etc how much money i spent and what i spent it on.


feb. 1 2010
french vanilla - $1.65

feb. 3 2010
the return of the soldier - $16.80 (book)

feb. 4 2010
cajun chicken sandwich - $5
tampons - $6.76
french vanilla - $1.57


i'd say that i probably spent most of my money in february on french vanillas or food. actually i'm guessing that like 90% of my money was spent on food. the other 10% was tampons, which i hate buying, the february bus pass, which i also hate buying, a cab ride, books, a 50 cent library fee, and the mailing of the dawson transcript to the university of british columbia.

also my dad paid for university applications so that doesn't really count.

in total in february i spent $170.29 which is more than i made. so far, in one half of february i have made $37 which i already spent on my march bus pass. i'm still waiting for the second half of my february paycheck, which is probs gonna be like 5 dollas. jk that's less than minimum wage.

anyways, the point of starting the money diary was so that i would see what i was buying and be like "oh god, stop spending" but that didn't happen. howevs, i now know where my money is going and knowledge is power, my friends. jk money is probably more powerful. jk jk knowledge is power. jk love is power. blah blah. power is power. pow.


riese said...

i think i spend more than that in a few days sometimes, what you spent in a month. i used to try to keep money diaries but all i learned was that i should stop buying paper towels, shampoo, food, eyeliner, and, you know, TAMPONS.

laura said...

every time people talk about spending money on buying tampons, i talk about wanting a diva cup and then everyone gets grossed out.

Lucia said...

Looking at how much I spend on crap makes me want to quit my job because I'm IN DEBT ANYWAY and I would rather have fun in the weekends.

saint modesto said...

riese: but you also pay rent and don't live with your parents who buy groceries for you!

laura: at .ca there was a thread called pads vs. tampons and it ended up being this huge discussion that would pop up every once in a while and that's where i learned about moon cups. they may be better for the environment but i think we can save the world in a different way.

lucia: if i didn't have a job i would probably spend a lot less. the only reason why i let myself buy so much shit is because i'm like "oh yeah i'm getting paid next week anyway, so.."