Saturday, March 27, 2010

i'll only ever be a middle distance runner

cold air makes your lungs expand. cold air clears your nose. running in the cold is easier because your lungs are open. i ran home one day in the middle of winter from the bus stop. it was a 45 minute - 1hr run and i didn't stop once. i was surprised at my endurance. i felt like i hadn't moved in months but magically i could still run for an hour. it was probably because it was freezing outside and if i stopped i would die. my ankles were blue when i got home. i crawled into bed and wore 3 sweaters and under armour and a hat and a jacket. it was a stupid idea, running home. i just didn't want to wake up my dad.

it's easier to run in the cold. the cold invites me to run. i ran home tonight, but only a short distance. i took a short cut through a patch of grass and it reminded me of the summer, when i walked that short cut to work every day. contrast night and day. day night. night. a part of me wanted to stand there and look at the stars. i took a picture of the moon with a disposable camera. i don't think the picture will turn out as anything.

i would post a map of the distance i originally ran, but i don't want people to know where i live.


Jesse Lauren said...

Even if the picture doesn't turn out as much, usually those are the best ones.

saint modesto said...

i think it's just going to be a black picture. hopefully the moon will come out. in a way it's kind of nice that a camera can't capture it, it makes me feel like i'm the only one who will ever have that memory.