Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Team Picks - From the Autostraddle Archives!

At Autostraddle we have something called 'Team Picks'. Basically if someone on the team finds something cool on the internet that doesn't apply to a daily fix or isn't big enough to be an article/feature, they put it as their pick. Team Picks are one of my favourite things on Autostraddle, so I went back through the archives and picked some cool old ones!


Alex's Team Pick - September 23, 2009

What would happen if we printed the internet?

Jess's Team Pick - October 8, 2009

Time-lapse video on how beauty is made.

Laura's Team Pick - October 19, 2009

"Does anyone know how to knit? 'Cause this little baby is all I want for Christmas/Halloween/Thanksgiving." I LOVE THIS ONE I literally spit all over my screen laughing about this.

Lily's Team Pick - November 9, 2009

People of Walmart! Sidenote I remember spending a lot of time looking at this?

Emily's Team Pick - November 15, 2009

Laura's Team Pick - November 26, 2009

Emily's Team Pick - December 1, 2009

A vicious polar bear attack. (it's worth clicking on this one).

Riese's Team Pick - December 11, 2009

If you don't "get" Lady Gaga.

Alex's Team Pick - February 1, 2010


Okay, I think that's enough shit for you to click on/waste time! All the Team Picks can be seen here. There are a zillion more awesome ones waiting to be rediscovered!

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