Saturday, February 27, 2010

How Do I Loathe Thee, February? Let Me Count The Ways

Let's face it: February fucking sucked. No, seriously. February, the shortest month of the year, felt like it was itself a hundred years long. February sucked the life out of me. I don't know if it's because I'm PMSing or if the world just wants to be annoying, but I can't help but be pissed off at EVERYTHING! RAWR!

February is not the bus that you missed by 1 minute. February is the bus that never came. February left you standing in the wet, wet snow.

February is 3 work shifts and $108. February is not enough money to start a savings account because there are no savings.

February is never leaving your house on weekends. February is a broken promise. February made me spiteful and cynical and bitter.

February is an annotated bibliography.
(February is an exorcise in bullshit.)

February is Monday everyday.

These are my thoughts/feelings:
I am not going to finish A Farewell to Arms.
I need a hair cut.

That's it.

This is why I hated February:
1. Integrative Seminar
2. Text Summaries
3. Ann Veronica
4. This semester fucking sucks?
5. I missed the bus every day by 10 seconds.
6. everything else

I have so much rage it's kind of scaring me. I mean I kind of wanting to elbow an old man in the face yesterday.

There's this song that kind of summarizes how I feel about February, it's called "I Hate Everyone" by Get Set Go and you should listen to it.

Some stupid chick in the check out line
was paying for beer with nickels and dimes
and some old manic with coupons
argued whenever they wouldn't take one.
All I wanted to was buy some cigarettes
but I couldn't take it anymore so I left.

I hate everyone.

Alright. Let's go, March!


Ari said...

I agree so fucking much. Between the shitty, shitty weather (oh sup Seasonal Affective Disorder) and the work this semester and various other awful things, I've come to the conclusion that February should be struck from the books. In fact, let's please just fast forward to April. Or May. I certainly would not argue if I woke up tomorrow morning and it suddenly was summer.

Also, Return of the Soldier can suck my left one.

laura said...

all i've done all february is sleep. i wake up and am like "oh it's still cold, no point in getting up today" and go back to sleep. but march. march! let me count the DAYS.

Sarah said...

February is kind of winter's last 'screw you' to the upcoming spring, I think. Valentine's Day is a big "AHAHAHA, YOU'RE SINGLE", the weather is a big "AHAHAHA, YOU'RE COLD", along with that "AHAHAHA, YOU DIDN'T LIVE UP TO YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION." Speaking as a March baby (the month where everything is green and wonderfully chaotic), I also wish February would vanish.

The good news is...things do get better?

オテモヤン said...


saint modesto said...


i actually liked return of the solider though. ann veronica on the other hand, got crappier every time we talked about it. actually i just dislike that class in general.

laura: less than 24 hours till march. 13-14 days till i see you!

sarah: everything you said,: truth. absolute truth.

chinese characters: i don't know who you are but please stop spamming my blog thanks

Ari said...

I mostly disagreed with what Judy's saying about the book, so I just got more and more irritated. I used the essay test as a venting opportunity, though.


Lucia said...

p.s isn't there a word for sex in Japanese? I enjoy the lack of span consistency.