Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jaime Alexander Was a Painter

Jaime Alexander was a painter. She painted a lot of things. She painted people and animals. She painted things from her imagination. She did not paint things that were not real. Jaime sent her paintings to museums but the museums sent them back. Jaime set up an exhibit to auction off her paintings. Jaime sold one painting. Jaime's mom bought one painting. Jaime's mom said Jaime was a good painter.

Jaime was not making money from painting. Jaime had to get a job. Jaime applied for a job at an organic grocery store. She got the job. She had to wear a green apron. Jaime worked at the cash register.

One day when Jaime was walking back to her apartment from the organic grocery store she saw a little boy eating ice cream on a cone. The little boy stopped to lick his ice cream and then ran after his mother. The little boy dropped the ice cream on his shirt. He sat on the pavement and wept. Jaime watched him from across the street. The little boy's mother sighed and started wiping his shirt with a napkin. The little boy cried and cried.

Jaime went home and started to draw. She drew the little boy sitting in the street. His little hand held half an ice cream cone. The other half lay broken in the street. There was a big ice cream stain on his chest. Some of the ice cream was melting in the sun. The little boy's eyes were scrunched up. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

Jaime began to paint the drawing. She made the ice cream pink. She made the little boy's shirt red and black stripes. She made his hair blond. The little boy was wearing overalls. The mother was not in Jaime's painting. The little boy's mouth was open. Jaime imagined his little voice wailing. She imagined this was the worst day of the little boy's life.

Jaime finished her painting. It had taken her 7 days. Jaime was invited to exhibit her art at a studio with 4 other artists. Jaime only showed one painting. It was the painting of the little boy.

Oprah came to the art exhibit. Oprah bought Jaime's painting for $5 million. Jaime quit her job at the organic grocery store.


Lesh said...

Happy endings are fun. I downloaded some Bon Iver the other day, it makes me sad yet simultaneously it makes me happy. Happy endings are fun.

saint modesto said...

bon iver always makes me have feelings. happy endings are fun.