Friday, January 25, 2013

texting with my dad in the winter

jan 24 2013

it's so cold in my room

do you need extra blanket? supposed to warm up soon

it's too late i am an ice cube


Monday, January 21, 2013

lost in rogue valley

for the past few weeks i've been feeling like i needed some new music, but i was looking for something so specific that i was having trouble finding something that stuck. i wanted a blend of folk/country/singer-songwriter but with a full band, etc. maybe i wasn't even sure what i wanted. maybe "country" is too strong a word for what i was looking for.

but i was looking through the 'folk' tag on insomnia radio and i clicked on this band called rogue valley and it was basically everything i was looking for, plus a bit of pop and amazing cover art. plus everything is available on their website for free or pay what you can.


what really gets me about this band is that, in the course of the year, they released four albums, one for each season. i think that a) this is ambitious and b) they really pulled it off. there aren't a lot of "weak" songs on any album, thrown in there just for the sake of having enough songs. i dig it.

my favourite album so far is geese in the flyway, the fall album, because it was the first one i listened to. but they're all pretty great, in my opinion.

two songs that i really like so far...

+ geese in the flyway (geese in the flyway/fall)
+ dangerous diamonds (false floors/winter)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

i'm so happy i have my friends

me: do you ever worry that you are actually an insane, irrational person

n: i pretty much talk myself off of that cliff daily.


me: if i go to topman and buy things what kind of person does that make me

r: a sophisticated one

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ode to my macbook pro

my macbook pro

sleek innovative intuitive

silver and black unibody

a powerful machine

you are like a portal to another universe

my macbook pro

reliable durable beautiful

i am yours forever

you are like a portal to another universe

no wait that’s the internet

without the internet

you’re a fancy typewriter

without the internet

where are all my friends

Friday, January 11, 2013

Books I'm Reading For Pleasure Fuck You University

No One Belongs Here More Than You, by Miranda July

Alessia lent this to me in approximately 2009 and I loved it very much, and recently I realized that I don't have my own copy so I bought it and now I'm rereading it and I still love it the end.

A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again, by David Foster Wallace

This summer I read Infinite Jest and Girl With Curious Hair and part of Brief Interviews With Hideous Men before getting kicked out of the bookstore/cafe where I was reading for free without purchasing anything "this is not a library" alright anyways basically I want to read everything by DFW.

The Broom of the System, by David Foster Wallace

I'm kind of stuck on this one because I started reading it in September/October and then got caught up with school and haven't picked it up again since. But I think about it a lot. I'm sending it good vibes.

Sorry, Tree, by Eileen Myles

I read Inferno and a lot of Eileen Myles' poetry online, but I didn't have any of her books, so I bought one, and now I'm reading it. It's difficult, but good. I like it. I'm into it.

Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China, by Guy Delisle

My dad got me this graphic novel for my birthday and I'm reading it slowly, but enjoying it a lot. Its humour lies in its accuracy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

four full years ago

i am sitting here, january 8 2013. here i sit. in my chair. on the internet.

four whole years ago i wrote this little poem and thus began a long relationship between my thoughts and the internet.

this blog has been through some weird times. i think, in these four years, i essentially grew up, and i documented a lot of that right here. and i'm still growing.

when i first started this blog i had just turned 18, i was living at home, and i was starting cegep. now, i just turned 22, living in my third apartment in as many years, and i'm going to graduate university in a few months. i fell in love and i fell out of love, over and over again. the friends i had when i was 18, the good ones, the real ones, i still have them. and i have new, good friends. they are all amazing. you are all amazing.

this blog peaked in about 2010 when i updated a lot and told people i was updating a lot. and i met some pretty cool people in that way. when i thought i would say goodbye to being on the internet for a little while, you were all so wonderful and sweet so i didn't. and i think i realized that i can't, anyway. if i wanted to stop writing i couldn't. which is why, now, i think, it matters less to me who reads. i love it, of course, if you're reading, but i don't think i'm writing anymore so that people read. i'm just writing.

here we all are. somewhere, in the world. and here i go, starting year five of writing in this little space. i'm not getting sentimental. i mean, whatever.