Monday, January 21, 2013

lost in rogue valley

for the past few weeks i've been feeling like i needed some new music, but i was looking for something so specific that i was having trouble finding something that stuck. i wanted a blend of folk/country/singer-songwriter but with a full band, etc. maybe i wasn't even sure what i wanted. maybe "country" is too strong a word for what i was looking for.

but i was looking through the 'folk' tag on insomnia radio and i clicked on this band called rogue valley and it was basically everything i was looking for, plus a bit of pop and amazing cover art. plus everything is available on their website for free or pay what you can.


what really gets me about this band is that, in the course of the year, they released four albums, one for each season. i think that a) this is ambitious and b) they really pulled it off. there aren't a lot of "weak" songs on any album, thrown in there just for the sake of having enough songs. i dig it.

my favourite album so far is geese in the flyway, the fall album, because it was the first one i listened to. but they're all pretty great, in my opinion.

two songs that i really like so far...

+ geese in the flyway (geese in the flyway/fall)
+ dangerous diamonds (false floors/winter)

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