Tuesday, September 6, 2011

this semester i will do everything


i will do it all: school, work, eating, drinking.

normally i can't do it all. normally i am very slow and require many hours of sleep therefore limiting me to about one activity a day. but, no! this year/semester (starting small) i will be in a constant state of motion. except right now because i'm in the library where there's internet.

anyways, so far my new life is going great. i am not freaking out about 6am wake ups and i haven't cried in like a week! though i might drop a few tears when i buy $300 worth of textbooks for one class.


thattoeskid said...

hey i'm cool, what classes do you have this semester?! and what class with 300$ worth of books?!

saint modesto said...

just 3 class; 1 creative writing, 1 chinese language, 1 about women in china. the chinese language one i have to buy like 6 books and they're all kind of expensive, but some of my classmates are sharing with me so it's going to be fine. we should hang soon! i'll email/text/call you and hopefully stick to my word on that.