Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life Lessons I Learned This Weekend

1. Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans
I feel like you can try and be really prepared for things but life is just going to happen anyway, and it doesn't care what you planned for. I think you kind of just have to lie in the middle of the road and hope that cars don't hit you. Or maybe that is really stupid.

2. I am in a false world
These are not my pants. Where the fuck am I? This is not living. I think possibly this "living" thing is just "dying really fast".

3. Everything in my life is completely and totally dramatized

4.We are not the people
Who are the people? I don't know, but we are not them.

5. Dreams are not real
Is it Sunday already? I had a good dream last night.


Chem said...

Ah existential crisis, douse in peanut butter, pop n mean girls and get ready to face another day

diana said...

"I think possibly this 'living' thing is just 'dying really fast'" <3 this was great

saintmodesto said...

chem - excellent advice, and thank you, diana, i was wondering when i'd see you around here again.