Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Music Monday on Tuesday: Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros is for broken people, and if not broken people then people who have looked at the world and have been frustrated with what they've seen. Or it's possible that I'm just broken and so everything else sounds like it's breaking too.

But this band is kind of special. They're not ordinary. Sigur Ros is like the moment after the climax but before the end; not when the guy leaves the girl forever but after, when the girl is left in a mess on the floor; not when the mother dies, but when the son goes home to her empty bedroom. Sigur Ros is not for breaking people, it is for people who are already broken. Sigur Ros is not that man standing on the roof about to jump - Sigur Ros is the man falling through the sky, absolutely powerless. It's rainy music, movie music. Music that needs visuals.

I should probably mention that Sigur Ros are from Iceland so you won't understand anything they're saying - not that they say anything anyways, apparently sometimes they write in "Hopelandic"; sounds that fit the melody. I want to write 'basically' but I've been trained not to.

I have a question for you, readers, whoever you are: if you could confess anything to anyone, what would it be? Tell me or don't tell me, or tell the person you need to tell. That's all.

- Von
- the nothing song
- Svefn-g-englar


Alessia said...

you win at life, emily, you really do.

saint modesto said...

perfect, can i retire now? where's penelope?