Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things Americans Have That Canadians Don't & Vice Versa

Things America Has That Canada Doesn't

1. Chick-Fil-A
2. Target
3. Hollywood
4. Biscuits
5. Cheap alcohol
6. Sarah Palin (ha ha!)
7. "do they put thousand island dressing on cheeseburgers in canada and call it 'special sauce'" - laneia
8. "specifically i'd say animal-style fries from in-n-out is a thing we have that you definitely do not have" - laneia
9. fried pickles
10. The opposite of the metric system

Things Canada Has That America Doesn't

1. Smarties (real Smarties, not those lame-ass rocket things), and Coffee Crisp
2. Good maple syrup
3. Bagged milk
4. The pretty side of the Niagra Falls
5. Thai Express
6. "A population of french people with indestructible arteries hardened by generations of eating poutine, tourtiere, and bacon" - terracottatoes
7. A place where people can still roller blade outside and not be judged for being in the wrong decade because Canada is actually just emerging from the 1990s now.
8. Degrassi
9. Nanaimo bars (Ok the US might have these now but they were invented in Canada)
10. Anne of Green Gables

I intentionally avoided political things like 'same-sex marriage', so don't suggest that, but please, feel free to make other suggestions.


laura said...

We have bagged milk! My friends who went to Catholic school used to talk about how they had it.

It's funny how almost everyone you asked talked about food. You have such good friends.

gena said...

America - Brad & Ange

Canada - high percentage beer, ketchup chips.

a very angry baby said...

APPARENTLY, Americans wear shoes indoors (crazy!) while Canadians do not. Although that's not really a having/not having thing...
source (sort of):

Also, I guess this is a "political" thing, but! I'm in the midst of applying to university right now. Somewhere like the University of Toronto offers me a 5 grand entrance scholarship, whereas an Ivy south of the border offers me over 60 grand. Wtf?! This is extremely aggravating! (Aggravating because this is a part of why we lag behind so much in innovation, etc. Or maybe U of T is just snooty, who knows.)

saint modesto said...

laura: i actually mostly asked people to talk to me about food. i'm just hungry all the time.

gena: i can't believe i forgot about ketchup chips! and all dressed pizza! ah!

a very angry baby: i don't think canadian universities lag behind in innovation (though, disclaimer, i don't really know much about this). i'd have to say the reason for the discrepancy in scholarship money is that american universities cost so much more than canadian ones. 60 grand would pay for like 12 years of schooling at U of T for an undergrad!

$5000 is basically your entire tuition for a year at Toronto, which is equivalent to probably the $60,000 it costs to go to an ivy league school for a year.

Mac said...

Target is coming to Canada they bought out 150 Zellers stores or something.