Monday, April 4, 2011

I Could Lie And Say To You That This Would Soon Be Over

Sorry that I haven't posted anything in a while, I've been really busy being stressed about life. But here's a song to make you feel better (or maybe worse?) until I write something real.

[laura stevenson and the cans - master of art]

This song makes me cry/feel really sad and I'm not entirely sure why. But I really like it and maybe that makes me a masochist or something. It hurts so good.

It's about a woman who tells her boyfriend/partner/whatever to wait for her while she gets her Masters. WOW that's pretty feminist-y, right? I like that a lot. Maybe that's why it makes me cry.

I could lie and say to you that this would soon be over.
I could make a little shape for us to stay until we have to go away...

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westwood said...

Are you familiar with JP Hoe's music?

If not, I thought you ought to be, as I feel you would approve.