Friday, December 18, 2009

The Calendar Post

I am obsessed with time. I look at my calendar every day, multiple times. Sometimes I just stare at it. Strangely enough, I don't even write that much on it. I write when I work, my guitar lessons (every Thursday) and when I go out with friends. In fact, I usually write it after it happens. A calendar to me is like a journal. It's srs bsns. SRS PPL, SRS.

Anyways, here is a look at every calendar I have ever owned since 1999. I can't find the ones from earlier and some are missing in between. I didn't look too hard. I still have to buy a 2010 calendar and it's stressing me out. SRSLY.

A smashing new calendar for 1999! I didn't write anything in this, probs just liked tolook at the pictures.

I vaguely remember buying/having this calendar. I also did not write anything in here.


I remember having this one, also I wrote a lot in it. In November I wrote down all the tv shows I watched (The OC, Charmed, Survivor) and my hockey games/practices. I even wrote down the day I moved (September 2).

Clearly my goal in life was to have a different animal calendar every year. I wish I had a Dairyland: Canada's Cow Calendar, but oh well. Someone also bought me a Harry Potter calendar but I didn't use it because I already had this cow calendar that I specifically picked out. It's a big deal, picking out a calendar. You have to spend a whole freaking year with it so it better be good! I hate people choosing things for me. That's why this year I asked for no presents.

This is obviously one of the best calendars I have ever owned. WHALES. Also, the blue whale is featured on my birthday month. FYI, blue whale = AWESOME. Want to know what happened in November? On the 17th I got a hair cut. There was no school because of a strike. On the 22 I went to see the Habs play Atlanta. Blah blah. November was a pretty boring month, I guess.

So I finally stopped buying animal calendars in 2006 and I haven't looked back. I'm not gonna post 2007-2009 because they're all the same with different quotes. But I love this calendar! It's motivating! 2006 was a really shitty year, who knows how shitty it might've been without this calendar. Also I realized that I titled that post what I wanted to title this post, I guess I have to think of something creative and exciting now like "The Calendar Post".

Also, I fucking hate blogger's formatting. Do you know how many times these pictures randomly disappeared when I added the next one? So sorry if sentences are randomly cut off or there are huge spaces everywhere. It's blogger's fault. Anyways, today I'm going in search of the perfect 2010 calendar. Cray cray.


Lesh said...

In creeps the morning and another day is lost... I once read that time is killed when it is being clicked off.. Its from The sound and the fury by William Faulkner. Its a good book,but then again thats what they say about the twilight series. You be the judge...

saint modesto said...

i'm sure it's better than twilight, it's not that hard to do. can time be killed? i feel like it's infinite.

Lucia said...

I bought my girlfriend a pin-up girl 2010 calendar for Christmas (among other things). I think your calendars are better. I do not think time is alive enough to be killed, it's just there stretching on forever in all directions.

Lesh said...

Hmm now that i re read my comment,it looks like i bad mouthed Faulkner's classic. Forget i mentioned the t word. I think we kill time when we measure it, clocks are the time murderers. . .