Friday, January 16, 2009

San Francisco Part III - The World in Black and White

I have to say the black and white photos from my trip are my favorite. These are my favorites from among the favorites.

Amoeba record store in Berkeley. Really, really cool place.

Street music..

Dangly things they sell at sidewalk sales

Campus access information at the University of Berkeley..

Couple - waiting in line to get to Alcatraz..

Cells at Alcatraz

The rest from this roll are up on flickr. Tomorrow is part IV!

"I remember on the sidewalk when I bike up to the hills
You singing in the headphones as I told you that I will
That song again in the alleyway takes me to my door
I'll be back for more.
I'm 14 forever so don't leave me alone."
- Stars "14 Forever"

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