Thursday, May 19, 2011

gonna take you for a ride on a big jet plane/pre-departure panic

tomorrow i go to china.
in true fashion, i've packed everything at the last minute.
but it's okay because i've been mentally packing for the last week.
on the campus that i'm staying at, breakfast costs $0.50. apparently.

i feel sad because laura wooley left my house today, but i'm excited for breakfast. i mean, i hope someone will eat breakfast with me.

also it's entirely possible that i will not have access to most of the sites i use because of the great firewall of china. obvs i can't go 2 months without contacting north america, so i'll get laura to post some stuff that i send her via email. i make laura do so many things for me, i should buy her a present of 6 pairs of underwear.

in all this rush of goodbyes and "don't forget this", i feel like i'm going away forever. sometimes i forget that i'm coming back. like i'll be home in two months. and i'm thinking there are stores in beijing that will sell me all the things i forget at home, probably for a cheaper price. it'll be okay, you know?

everything is different at night. i need to go brush my teeth.


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jstlookinaround said...

i can totally relate to that overwhelming, insecure, and exciting feelings and emotions.
felt that way when i left indonesia to go to america.

Have fun in China!!!

tippytoptoes said...

hope you're having fun, chooster :)