Friday, October 8, 2010

"we did some impressive or regrettable things."

there was a moment of madness, i lost myself. i lost my head. we did some stupid things. i was no good at loving you, good good good, i went and looked at pictures of you when you were 17. your hair was lighter then. kisses were lighter then too, and sweaters; warmer weather.

i could kiss kiss kiss you now, across the counter, you are just my height.

and why must women have hair that they brush so casually from their faces, so loose and effortless? why must they have wrists and arms and mouths with crooked teeth?

i did some stupid things. now here is what is going to happen from now on: i am going to close the door so you can kiss me on the cheek and no one will see. no one will know. among the metal pieces we are pretty much magnetic anyway. shut up brain.

i would lean against a tree halfway with laughter, i would finish this dirty street, death of stomach, head of iron air, i would find your ugly side.

i am no good at loving you.


Brandy said...

This writing took my breath away.

Don't be sad. You're a sweet little darling bashful girl. I have to stop myself from getting lost in your Shoreline.

My favorite post is from Aug. 5th about what the world wants you to believe. I always go back and read that one while trying to avoid the AutomaticWin trap. I could go missing here for days.

saint modesto said...

you're sweet brandy. =]