Monday, June 1, 2009

We Left Our Love in Our Summer Skin

It's June 1st! I don't really know what that means except June has always signaled summer to me, even though my summer started like three weeks ago. So I feel like today is the first day of summer, obvs it's raining and cold outside, and nothing significant is happening. Anyways since today is Monday I thought I'd post some songs in honor of June 1st and also to distract people from reading my retard post last night.

[bright eyes - june on the west coast]
i thought about my true love, the one i really need.. with eyes that burn so bright they make me pure. i long to be with you

[the decemberists - summersong]
Okay, this isn't really a happy song but wtvs I love it 4eva. Maybe if you like alliterations you'll like this song too.
summer arrives with a length of light, summer blows away.

[the ataris - boys of summer]
This was my favorite song for two years. It's actually a cover of a Don Henley song except this version is better.
out on the road today i saw a black flag sticker on a cadillac. a little voice inside my head says "don't look back, you can never look back."

Happy June everyone!


k.c. danger said...

Is it weird that it has pretty much become my goal to do a proper June on the West Coast a la Conor Oberst?

It's clearly not happening right now, but perhaps next year will call for a philosophical road trip.

laura said...

the popstar in me says jt! summer love!

the other part of me says "blinded" by third eye blind because it hurts in a sweet way like the thought of last summer.

p.s. isn't it funny how a song that fits so perfectly for one person can mean nothing to someone else?

saint modesto said...

Katrina - no, 'cause June on the West Coast is an awesome song and road trips are awesome too. I've never taken one but there's been movies and stories and books about them so they must be awesome.

Laura - ooh, I forgot about JT. That would have been an awesome pick. Maybe if I do a guilty pleasure post (JT is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me).

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