Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Little Bit of News, A Whole Lotta Love!

News: I finally got.. a.. haircut! That's right, I got rid of my lion's mane.

News: I bought an iPhone which I don't need but who needs anything besides food, shelter, and clothing.

News: I'm going to New York next week so there may be no posts for a few days, but expect something huge when I get back. Or perhaps Katrina and I will do something special if we have time (Katrina if you're reading this y/n?)

Love: you guys!

Click on it! Look at all those comments! Except that I probably just jinxed myself and everyone is going to stop reading.

More News: I got some pictures developed!

Again, click on the pictures to get a larger version. Paint took away some of the quality, unfortunately.


k.c. danger said...

Y definintely!

you've got a photogenic life.

Lucia said...

Awesome, film. You should upload more to flickr or something.
New York/pride sounds incredibly fun. Jealousy spasm.

vanessa diggie said...

hey, this is amanda's lil sis, vanessa. those pictures are fantastic! i just had to say it. was that at mcgill campus?

i love ur blog, by the way!

saint modesto said...

Katrina: sweet. My friends are pretty.

Lucia: yeah I'll probably upload the rest at another time when I'm not lazy ie never.

Vanessa: yeah it was at mcgill, good eye. I'm glad you like my blog and I'm glad you finally commented.