Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Across the Universe

Traveling is one of my passions. I was on a plane before I knew how to walk, I hope I didn't cry on the planes, I know how annoying that is. I wonder if planes were as unpleasant then as they are now? Probably. Except now they have these tv things on the seat in front of you and you can check in online or at a self check in booth to save time because time is money and since no one has money or time, I guess these additions are in fact a great stress reliever and an advancement in technology. Although they don't stop the planes from being delayed or do something about the recycled air in a pressurized cabin or turbulence which scares the holy hell out of me, sometimes I have inner panic attacks when it's really bad. I'm not complaining about planes though, seriously, in the grand scheme of things they're quite helpful, imagine having to row a boat across the atlantic? Or riding a donkey to Vancouver? Five hours on a plane is not as bad as say, 3 months to get to the same place.

Anyways, what I was saying is that traveling is a very rewarding experience. I'm infinitely glad I've had the opportunity to visit other countries, I feel priviledged and cultured. There are still loads of places I'd like to see, here are some of them.


Yes, I know these are two separate countries. But they're right next to each other so I figure I can kill two birds with one stone, yeah? Yeah. What attracts me to these two countries is the WW2 history, I'd really like to see Auschwitz, in a totes non-creepy I'm-interested-in-history kind of way. There's also things like Oktoberfest in Germany which, you know, is fun when you bring some friends. Also In grade 7 I read a book about this boy in Poland, his name was Jan.


It has been a dream of mine to visit Australia some day. In grade 8 I went around at recess and lunch and asked people to donate their change so I could go to Australia, I probably made about 10 dollars! I wanted to go so badly I even looked up flight info online, it cost $4000 for one person, I was like, "I can totally (not) do this!" I didn't think about coming back, I didn't even know that you have to stay there for like, a month, or else it's not worth it. Also I didn't take into account the gigantic spiders and bugs they have there, when I go I'm going to wear a body net like that guy whose picture I'm not allowed to post but if you scroll down you'll see it.


I took a Graeco-Roman class last semester and now I want to go to Greece. I want to drink their wine and lie on their beaches and get a mediterranean tan. For a while I didn't know that Greece was to the east of Italy, one day I looked at a map and was very surprised. Anyways, there's tons of shit to see there, like Delphi where they used to have the Delphic oracle with "priestess'" inhaling vapors from the ground that made them high so they could, you know, be "wise" and stuff. Sounds like a nice job right?

India/The Himalayas

Even I find this really random. I want to see the sherpas and yaks and eat Nepalese food and see Mt. Everest! I also want to see elephants in the streets of India and go in their temples, but I really don't want diarreah or other sicknesses you can aquire there, I just realized I'm not educated enough to go there yet. But the Taj Mahal is defs on my list of things to see.

Also I really want to go to Portland, even though I've heard there's nothing there, I just want to chill with Chris Walla.

"I've been traveling a while
haven't found a place to call my own.
I've been a million miles
still feeling all alone.
And I'm on my way back home, again."
- Jim Ward "On my way Back Home Again"

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