Wednesday, September 15, 2010

now things feel like the way they did before i met you

various states i am living in: missing, waiting

i haven't had time to write much because i've been trying to figure out how to live again. i feel like i've gone backwards in time a bit. also i've forgotten how to write normal sentences.

i went to the laundromat for the first time. i met three different people there. one guy told me i could go next door to get change. another guy asked me if i got wifi and i told him no, but that was a good thing because i wanted to read my article with no distractions. i went home 5 minutes later without reading anything. then i came back and realized that i had forgotten to put a sock in the washer. i asked a woman if i could just open the door and put the sock in. she said it was probably locked, but to try it. i tried it. it was locked. i shrugged my shoulders and said i have a rogue sock. she shrugged her shoulders and laughed. she left.

i read two pages of my politics in china book. for every quarter, the dryer dries for 5 minutes. i brought my clothes home half dried and opened my window really wide.


Anonymous said...

i will now have dry laundry for work tomorrow thanks to this post ( opposed to almost forgetting it in the machine overnight )

saint modesto said...

glad to help, anon.

Lysa Jeanie said...

I enjoy reading your words, and my heart bleeds for the pain in some of the posts.

I used to write a lot and stopped for a while. Now I've been basically just bitching like a crazy cunt on my blog.

If you ever need to talk... and have Yahoo IM. I literally sit at work all day ready, and talking about wine. IM me. ""


saint modesto said...

thanks.. unfortunately i don't use yahoo. but it's nice to know someone's out there. thank you, again.