Wednesday, September 8, 2010

this is how the days of the week work

if i make it to monday,
i might make it to tuesday,
and then i will park myself firmly
in the middle of the week
and hopefully one day
i will get to thursday
where i will be one day closer
to the weekend.

if i make it to monday,
that will mean that i have
spent some money,
read some sentences in a book,
laid in my bed,
eaten some pasta
and maybe a bagel,
probably showered twice.

if i make it to monday
without being an asshole,
crying over little things,
spending too much time on the internet,
ignoring phone calls,
or listening to sad music
it will be
a miracle.

if i make it to monday,
someone will listen to me talk
it will feel like a million tiny hands
massaging my brain
it will feel like punching a wall
i will call it a successful social interaction
i will navigate my way
to tuesday.


Lucia said...

Emily, I internet miss you. I hope you are doing okay. Sometimes all I want is for a million tiny hands to massage my brain.

saint modesto said...

lucia! i just want to tell you that your tumblr is great and i'm glad you continue to read my blog.