Saturday, June 12, 2010

sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're bust

"i'm interested in applying for the job," i said, motioning to the sign outside the restaurant that said they were hiring.
"do you have your cv?"
i gave it to him. he looked at it.
"you have no experience."
"i know, but i'm a fast learner."
he wrote 'no experience' at the top of my resume.
"we're looking for someone with experience, but we'll see if something comes up."

when do you think is a good time to go back and convince him to give me something to do, give me some money? tuesday, or wednesday? or thursday?

okay, so maybe i didn't even know what the restaurant was called, maybe i had to look it up, but who cares, i am smarter than most people and this man should pay me to take people's orders. maybe this is a dumb summer job in between american eagle and getting paid to write this shit, but who cares, the future is bright.

in 5 years i want to make you wish you knew me right now.


petite.sorbitol said...

Oh man.
I need a job.

saint modesto said...

petite.sorbitol: i thought you had a job!?