Monday, June 22, 2009

The Stars Came Falling on Our Heads but They're Just Old Light

I was going to post a bunch of songs about New York but it turns out that takes too much work so I scrapped that idea. This weekend was kind of shitty 'cause big scary baseball coaches yelled at me and that makes me mad and since I have nothing to do at work I sit in my dungeon and brood about it for 4 hours. But I also read two harry potter books in two days that was cool. Anyways the other day I was also mad (am I always mad?) so out of spite I bought a Regina Spektor cd and an Iron & Wine cd but it turns out that neither of those were a waste of money.

So I've been listening to this Regina Spektor song and if you're a Regina Spektor fan you probably know it, it makes me feel sad and peaceful. I want to hug someone.

Yes, this post doesn't make sense.

[regina spektor - samson]


Lucia said...

I bought 2 cds angrily after an exam and they weren't that good. It was disappointing.

saint modesto said...

Yeah, I got lucky. Once I bought a cd just 'cause and I still haven't listened to the whole thing.