Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apologies: An Ode to Valerie

is Portugese
which's next to Spain
which's where my other wife lives.

But unlike Penelope
Valerie knows my name.

And even though she won't pose for photographs
she is still the prettiest
Duchess of Holland.

And even though she hates math and logic
she is still really good at it.

And even though she has dark hair and skin
she still reminds me
of summer.

I used to think she hated me
but it turns out
she does not. I think.

I imagine myself reading this to her.
I imagine her saying "aww"
but I think
I shouldn't get ahead of myself.

I hope that Valerie visits me in the West Island
and I hope she yells at me
when I step on her shoes.

[This is my public apology to a dear, dear friend of mine
who, might I add, has a very natural beauty
and does not need to wear make up, ever.
let it be known that I read this to Valerie
and she "aww'd" after every pause.
She also thinks it's funny that I started with "Valerie is Portugese".]


Alessia said...

bah, this undoubtedly beats all of keats' odes.

Sabmxo said...

hahaha I thought about just awwing as well, but now I must agree with Alessia:) priceless.