Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday: Day 27, Another Day, At Least It's Not Monday

This is a blog about how I can say a lot of things without really saying anything. All I am good at writing is abstract nonsense that means nothing. How will this ability get me a job. I read something interesting at my favorite blog of all time, this girl called automatic win, which is why she is my favorite.

She says: Lately I've been fine with putting periods at the end of questions. Maybe I've stopped expecting answers.

This is my favorite and least favorite thing about the internet. When I read this red flashing lights and waving flags went off in my brain and they yelled CONNECTION, CONNECTION. This happens to me a lot when reading things on the world wide web. Unfortunately we never actually get to share that connection. So, if you read this and other things here, and lights flash in your mind, come talk to me. I like it.

Yesterday I took a little tour around Dupont Circle in DC and went to American University to visit Katrina F. Casino. It was special, I can't put it in words. I laughed a lot. And that's the kind of connection I'm talking about. Now that I've taught her how to leave a comment maybe she will.

DC is a nice kind of city I guess, it has that American feel to it. One section really reminded me of Berekely, which is the only American city where I can say I kind of know the area. In that sense, it felt a little bit like home. Funny how you can feel more at home when you're away from home. There was a moment in the morning when the sun was coming up and the air felt crisp like spring when I felt really good. I felt comfortable. I would never think about living in DC, but I would definitely come back. I like that they call the metro the metro and not the subway. I don't like that they don't give you change.

Oh yeah, today is Valentine's day, which is meaningless to me. I don't feel "more alone". I feel like I don't care. There's this guy on the phone saying that today is valentine's day and it should be special for everybody. Hey buddy, everyday should be special.

And it is.


Definitely Not Katrina said...

Oh my god I can actually do it now!

It was unspeakably epic seeing you, and I'm really sorry we couldn't have another reunion of sorts on Sunday. I'll probably fill you in on the details the next time we talk, but know that it was totally necessary, because I would have loved to have seen you again!

I really think that Rachel and I are going to come up to Montreal (MUN tree all) next month, and we expect some nice floor to sleep on. I hope you had a most excellent, though change-free, stay in DC.

Now to pass the robot test...

Emily said...

Haha, you will definitely have a floor to sleep on! It was totally awesome seeing you, I hope you come to MUN-tree-all in March.

And I ended up getting the panda ticket which my dad suggested I mail to you since you're broke and might need the extra $1 for the metro, haha. But don't hold your breath, it probably costs more to mail it than it's worth.

Alessia said...

emily, reading your blog equates to lights perpetually flashing in my mind.