Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inked Like an Octopus About to Jet

An argument that seems to come up a lot in discussions about tattoos is that you might not like it in twenty years. My answer is this: I can't not do something now in fear of what might happen in twenty years when I may or may not still be around, seriously, who knows what's going to happen? I'm not going to not enjoy something now because I think I might not enjoy it in later years. You know what else happens when you get old? Your teeth fall out and your hair falls off your head and starts growing profusely in your nose and ears but you can't tell because your eyes are so bad, and you know what that means? You probs can't see your tattoo.

Another argument is the job argument. You know, I don't really want to work for someone that doesn't accept me for who I am, and I can srsly just hear people right now telling me how naive I am and "just wait till I get into the real world", etc., but it's boring and old like you. It's okay about the job thing. I don't want to dwell on it because it seems rather unimportant to me, maybe I am incredibly naive, oh well, I won't listen because I'm stubborn and I need to have the experience in order to change my mind.

I live with no regrets. I hope when I'm 60 I remember that, when I was 18, this is what I wanted. If I've made a choice in the past that I realize I wouldn't make now then I just think that at that moment, that was how I felt. That choice felt right. I'm a big believer in following your heart, as corny as that sounds, and as much shit that has gotten me into, I'm glad that I've done it. I'm glad I've made choices based on my instinct, my gut, my heart, because had I not, I would be forever wondering, forever kicking myself trying to soothe my conscience.

The choices are mine to make, especially the mistakes. ESPECIALLY THE MISTAKES, in case you didn't read it the first time. I'd hope that my mistakes are my mistakes and not someone elses, not someone elses choice or influence. Oscar Wilde once said "experience is the name we give to our mistakes" and I'd much rather have a lot of experiences than a lot of mistakes. Also Wilde lived a flamboyant and brilliant life, and was a literary genius, thank you very much.

Some things you can't choose. You can't choose where you're born, your gender, your family, your sexuality. But there are some things you can choose. And I don't want to leave up to fate what I can take into my own hands.

"All the young punks,
laugh your life 'cause there ain't much to cry for.
All you young cunts,
live your life 'cause there ain't much to die for."
- The Clash "All the Young Punks"

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