Monday, December 3, 2012

dear natasha,

i read your poem 'monarch butterflies use the earth's magnetic field' and i just want you to know

it's a great poem and all but what do you mean the magnetic field is preparing to flip

what exactly does that mean

is this like a real thing or a thing you made up

because i don't have a back-up system

how will i get home

it is 4am and i am really worried about this

i could look it up on the internet but i'd rather have you explain it to me

please write back soon

your friend


ps natasha

it's 4am and i'm reading your poetry on the internet

sometimes the world is wonderful


Natasha said...

dear emily,

even though magnetic north is shifting at a rapid pace and this is due to a disturbance not yet seen before in the earth's magnetic field and this will change the way animals navigate and will cause the north and south poles to flip so that everything we have graphed will no longer stand, will, in fact, be completely reversed, it will not happen for thousands of years because the earth is heavy and slow moving. we, and possibly everyone, will be long dead.

i hope this helps postpone your breakdown and doesn't send you further these types of things can. i choose to take peace in the irrelevancy of human actions; the earth will carry on in spite of us.

Gypsy James said...


It's not necessarily likely to happen this century, or next, or the one after....I wouldn't worry too much about it, just keep writing and thinking!

emily said...

imagine if santa claus lived on the south pole which was really the north pole...? or something?